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The best of both worlds, countryside charm coupled with the benefits of big city living. It's hard to come by these days, but in Benton, you can have it all! Located in Saline County, is just a short 30 minute drive from the heart of the state capital, Little Rock. Benton offers residents a reasonable commute to jobs, shopping, cultural events and more in the heart of Arkansas. Also close to America's first resort town, Hot Springs, residents of Benton can also enjoy the lakes, springs, mountains and forests that make the Natural State so famous. 
Benton Arkansas Information
With a population of about 27,000, Benton is an idyllic slice of Americana. But don’t mistake this for your average sleepy small town. Over 50 industries call Benton home, with more relocating to its convenient location every year. To support its residents, university and technical college facilities have a presence in Benton, along with world-class healthcare and skilled nursing homes. Benton is alive with opportunity, with more and more residents choosing not to commute for their livelihoods. 

Unlike much of the Little Rock area, Benton offers tremendous housing values. Compared to neighboring Little Rock and Pulaski County, property tax rates are low in Benton, while not sacrificing any value in its services and infrastructure. Water, sewer, police and fire services are available to developed and undeveloped land. From modest properties to the most luxurious communities, you can find unparalleled real estate value in Benton. 

Enjoy the comfort of country life and the convenience of the big city without all of the hassles and traffic. Experience the good life in Benton! 

Benton AR History 

Named for its salty natural springs, Saline County, where modern-day Benton is located, was first inhabited in 1815. In the spring of that year, William L. Lockhart, the first settler of European extraction, brought his family to the area that would later become Benton. Lockhart established the first semblance of a town at the point which the road between Little Rock and Hot Springs crossed the Saline River. Lockhart would later establish Benton’s first post office, and become its first postmaster, in 1831. The city of Benton was first named in 1833 for Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton, and later chartered in 1836. 

As settlers eventually moved west, both Benton and the surrounding area grew. By 1835, the population of the area merited the creation of a new county. Carved from portions of Pulaski and Hempstead Counties, Saline County was created in November of 1835. As salt works were spawned from the naturally occurring salt springs, the county was so named. Having been established a few years before the creation of Saline County, Benton was chosen as the County's seat. 

The Benton area continued to enjoy prosperity from Reconstruction through World War II. Benton and Saline County's abundance of natural resources were the backbone of the area’s economy. Besides salt, the county's namesake, the earth in Saline County was replete with timber, clay and bauxite. Prior to World War I, Arkansas was the national leader in production of bauxite, a key ore essential to Aluminum production. With ready access to major railroad routes, Benton became a hub for the distribution of these valuable natural resources. After the rise of the automobile and the eventual depletion of the area's bauxite (mining of bauxite in the area ceased in 1990), the Benton and the rest of Saline County lost foothold in the minerals market, but gained a reputation as being the picturesque suburb of Little Rock that it is today. 

Benton AR Parks and Recreation 

Benton AR Parks and RecreationYou can enjoy the best of the outdoors in Benton! Benton Parks and Recreation maintains these great city parks for residents and visitors of all ages to use and enjoy. Whether it's lakefront or a front-row seat a community softball match, Benton's parks invite you to get active! 

Offering playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, walking trails, softball fields, a skate park and more, Tyndall Park has something for everyone in Benton! The Gene Moss Building on campus is also available for local rental. The 500 seat Juli Busken memorial amphitheater is also located on site. Pavilions are available for school, church and other groups to rent in advance. Enjoy the bubbling waters of the natural creek that flows through Tyndall Park 

Located on the south side of Benton, Ralph Bunche Park contains a modern playground, picnic area, pavilion, basketball court, and a day use ball field. 

As the name suggests, enjoy stunning sunsets on this quiet lake. Sunset Lake is available for public fishing, and is stocked by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Also enjoy a nature trail winding around the perimeter of the lake. 

Benton AR Local Events

Benton AR Local EventsBenton has its share of community events enriching the lives of its citizens. Many local events in Benton show the community's desire to give back, benefiting many local and national charitable causes. 

Relay for Life benefits the American Cancer Society. This overnight team event raises awareness of cancer in the community and funds for cancer research and treatment. 

Sponsored by the Arkansas Federal Credit Union, this annual golf classic benefits Arkansas Children's Hospital. You and your team can sign up for the four man scramble match. All proceeds matched dollar for dollar by AFCU to benefit the hospital.

Benton AR Museums

Benton AR MuseumsThe Benton community is committed to preserving the area's past for future generations. These Benton museums showcase life and industry of a by-gone era in the Saline County area. 

Housed in the historic Gann Building, this museum was originally the medical office of Dr. Dewell Gann, Sr. After service as a library, the building was converted into local museum in 1980. 

This museum features three decades of history (the 1920's through 1950's) of the mining community of Bauxite, Arkansas. Containing historic photos and mining artifacts, this museum captures a slice of life from one of the area's most pivotal periods in history. 

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